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Inspired by the drama of the primal rock landscape of the Southwest and her Zen Buddhist practice and, artist Betsy Bauer crafts her wrapped rock sculptures using stones she collects from ancient dry riverbeds in New Mexico and from far flung places she visits on her travels. Not all rocks are created equal. Betsy carefully hand picks rocks with unique shapes and variations in color and texture, and transports these back to her Sante Fe studio. Here, she wraps each specimen in natural cane, fusing ancient Japanese basketry techniques with contemporary design elements from the Southwest, including turquoise beads and semi-precious stones.


Simple and symbolic, wrappedrockz are designed to be used many ways. Gift them to friends or family to commemorate a special occasion or to remember loved ones. Place them on an altar during prayer and meditation. Or simply display them in a vignette or tablescape to enhance your connection to the natural world.

Check out the NEW One-of-a-Kind Healing Stones. Wrapped rocks on gem stones to bring healing energies into your life, meditation and as gifts for loved ones and friends.

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"Captivating natural beauty.  Humble rocks become exquisite eye candy. They simply feel good and each is unique. You'll want to collect them!"

Susan Vinci-Lucero

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Betsy Bauer

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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