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Can I order a custom design for a wrapped rock?

YES! Betsy Bauer Studios offers all our wrapped rock designs in 5 different size rocks. We also curate collections of rocks and offer them as they are available on this website. Larger, sculptural groupings can be commissioned for outdoor covered portal spaces, site specific areas in your home...the possibilities are endless. We can also wrap a beloved rock from your own collection. E-mail or call to discuss. Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom designs.

How do the Wrapped Rockz ship?

Individual Wrapped Rockz come in an attractive, sturdy cloth drawstring bag. Please indicate if ou would like a bag in the notes at checkout. The bag is then place in a padded envelope. Group collections are individaully wrapped in black tissue and bubble wrap and shipped in a shipping box. In most cases, items are shipped USPS Priority mail with a tracking number.

How long do the Wrapped Rocks take to arrive?

The Wrapped Rocks that are in stock are shipped within 5 - 10 business days by USPS service. For small custom orders, please allow 3-4 weeks. You will be sent a tracking # with your shipping confirmation. Once the package is shipped, we are no longer able to control arrival times. If your package is delayed, please contact your local post office.

Do you offer wholesale ordering?

Yes! Betsy Bauer Studio is a small studio where all rocks are wrapped by hand. We can accommodate wholesale orders, please inquire about current estimated time of delivery. Please e-mail betsy@betsybauer.com with any questions.

Can I cancel an order?

Sorry, we do not accept cancellations on orders as once an order is placed the packaging and shipping are set in motion.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Yes, each wrapped rock is unique and handmade and chosen especially for you according to the size and color you specify. Customer Satisfaction is important to us, so please contact us with any issues within 7 days of receiving your rockz.

What do I do if a product comes damaged?

If upon receiving your purchase the item is damaged or defective, please contact Betsy Bauer Studios right away within 7 days. Send a photo of the damaged item and we will remake a similar Wrapped Rock for you.

How do I care for my Wrapped Rockz?

Wrapped Rocks are wrapped tightly with natural cane. The cane is strong, yet also delicate. With gentle care, the rocks can last a lifetime. They can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth. The rocks should not be left outdoors, unless you are willing to let them be affected by the elements. (I do offer up some of my wrapped rocks in secret outdoor places to Mother Earth!) Wrapped Rocks that have black dyed cane should be kept out of the sunlight as the black may fade. Direct sunlight can also damage the delicate cane over time. Treating them with care and not letting them be handled by curious children or friends who might want to unwrap them to see how they are made is also advisable. If the cane does become loose at any point, a small bit of clear super glue can secure the loose area.

How do people use their Wrapped Rockz?

Simple and symbolic, wrappedrockz are designed to be used many ways. Gift them to friends or family to commemorate a special occasion or to remember loved ones. Place them on an altar during prayer and meditation. Or simply display them in a vignette or tablescape to enhance your connection to the natural world. One-of-a-Kind Healing Stones are hand wrapped gem stones with healing energies. Use these stones in meditation, for massage, reiki or healing sessions and as everyday companions in this busy and chaotic world.

What types of payment can be used to purchase Wrapped Rockz?

Accepted Credit Cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners. Accepted Debit Cards: Visa & MasterCard. PayPal.

Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

YES, Free Shipping in the Continental US. Please contact us about shipping internationally. We're happy to work with you.

How do I care for my Shibori Scarf?

Care Instructions Hand wash gently in lukewarm water with natural soap (shampoo) or a special detergent for delicate fabric.
Don't rub, don't wring!
Rinse clear.
Iron at low setting.
Please keep the scarf away from chlorine and bleach.

Can I order a custom design for my Shibori Scarf?

Each Shibori Scarf is unique and one-of-a-kind. I'm happy to do special orders of color or size, but even I can not duplicate one of my own scarves. That is the joy, each one is different. Please contact me by e-mail to discuss a special order and I'm happy to help.

Do you ship internationally?

We are happy to discuss international shipping. Please contact us through the website and we can let you know according to the order.






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