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Promote personal strength and new beginnings with the Wrappedrockz Moonstone wrapped with a glass bead. This design showcases an attractive black & white Moonstone, accented with black bamboo cane and a complimentary clear glass bead. This piece measures approximately 2.25-2.5" x 1.25-1.75" x .5-.75" (l, w, d). 


Your Wrappedrockz come with a gift bag, mini brochure, and an insert on the healing properties of the stone. Need your Wrappedrockz gift wrapped? Add gift wrapping to your cart here.


Learn more about this healing stone...



- A stone for "new beginnings," inner growth and strength

- Soothes emotional instability and stress and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness

- Enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, sucesss and good fortune in love and business matters

- Connected to all our emotions, the turns of the tide, the light and the dark and the depths of our own soul


In Ancient Rome, it was thought that Moonstone was a shard of the light of the Moon. The Ancient Greeks combined the names of the Moon goddess, Selene, and the Love goddess, Aphrodite, and called this crystal Aprhroselene.

Moonstone Wrapped with Cane & Glass Bead - New Beginnings & Inner Strength

    • Wrappedrockz are handmade by Betsy Bauer Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    • Wrappedrockz are a natural product. Images are examples of designs only - shape, color, and size will vary slightly.
    • Treated with care, your Wrappedrockz can be enjoyed for years. 

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