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New Design - Wind Knot.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020


Today, I was writing down steps for a new rock design called the Wind Knot.

New! Introducing Wind Knot Design

Front and Back of New Wind Knot Design

Making wrapped rock sculptures is a true joy. I'm always playing in the studio and love to come up with new designs to share. Each rock speaks to simplicity and nature in the end. However, the process of designing and taking a single stone from its original state to becoming part of the wrapped rock family is a long and intricate one.  This knot is a simple figure 8 double-stranded knot. Through drawings and notes, I document each step to ensure the quality of each hand-wrapped rock. There are actually a total of 11 steps that are needed to make this wind knot on the rock! The Wind Knot reminded me of an elegant sail boat, gliding on the sea with the gentle force of the wind. The black rock with natural, thin, round rattan echoes the contrast of the deep sea color with a lone sailboat on the horizon. Betsy Bauer, Santa Fe, NM, July 2020

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