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New Baguette Bowl Collection...

Updated: May 21, 2020

Very exciting, I discovered this handmade wooden baguette bowl. Seemed like the perfect bowl to display a collection of individual rockz. I love the way the smooth, delicate rockz contrast with the warm, rustic chiseled wood.

Having so much time in my studio lately has been a wonderful treat. I am sketching madly in my sketchbook, creating new designs for rock wrapping and envisioning whole new collections.

The wooden baguette bowl serves up the rocks in a new way for me. The rockz are displayed in a line and it's easier to take in each design, yet they remain cozy together in the grouping. Perfect for the center of a long dining table. When I have my interior designer hat on, I am always looking for the perfect, unique centerpiece to complete the table decor. What I also love about the baguette bowl is it's sleek, long shape that doesn't take up too much valuable square footage on a dining table.

wrapped rocks baguette bowl collection
Wrapped Rocks Baguette Bowl Collection

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