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Updated: May 21, 2020

Studio time is always precious to me. I've had a lot more time in the studio with the Coronavirus stay-at-home-orders. Making the best of it and coming up with new collections of the wrappedrockz.

Today I completed a sculptural grouping of a "Family of 9 Rockz". The sizes range from 9" in diameter to 4" in diameter. Here they all are below. I used a round cane here, as it gives a great contrast with the black and white and I love the round quality with the round rockz. These larger rockz are definitely challenging (and heavy!) and take a lot of attention and care to wrap and finish. I included a photo with my hand below for scale.

I wrote to a metal worker friend about making a low, hot rolled steel square pedestal base for them to sit on. Love collaborating with local artists! Will keep you all posted on the base. Stay Well Everyone....

Cheers, Betsy

large outdoor wrapped rocks
Large Outdoor Wrapped Rocks

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